You need to stand out in a crowded market.  When teams don’t communicate well, you get mistakes, misinformation, missed opportunities.  And that means missed sales.

Soft Skills 4 Tech’s goal is to make sure that everyone in your team – sales and technical people alike, communicate clearly, confidently and engagingly with each other and with buyers. 

“Teams sell to teams. Decision by committee: ⅔ of software purchases involve 3 or more people.”
— Capterra

We go beyond best practice techniques and explain the psychology of understanding individuals and how to build meaningful relationships with buyers.

“Nurture techniques are most effective when designed to account for buyers’ needs and communication preferences.”
— Sirius Decisions

Because when every member of your team can bring their best, you maximise every single business opportunity, with all that implies for the bottom line.  (And you have happier, better-motivated staff).

So do more to differentiate your business and increase sales.  Let us help you to stand out.

Salma Shah is the founder of Soft Skills 4 Tech. A psychology graduate, she started her career with an inspiring software company. While she skilled up on the technical aspects of her role, Salma relied on her soft skills of building personal trust, communication and strong relationships.  Rolling forward a few career moves and with a very successful career behind her, she decided to take all she had learnt and share it with others. Her passion for Psychology kept calling and in 2006 made the leap to start up Soft Skills 4 Tech.  

The tech sector landscape has changed considerably since the 90's and your customers today are savvier, more cynical and overwhelmed with choice. Best practice techniques alone aren’t enough to win business, your people need to know how to enlighten, serve and guide customers (internally and externally).

Our credibility is built on our team’s vast experience of working in the sector in a range of roles internally and customer facing. Bringing together business skills and business psychology in today’s evolving Tech sector.


Today we are growing fast.
Our mission: We’ll help you reach your business goals through improving your people’s performance.






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Picture the scene: you’re standing in front of a roomful of people and all eyes are upon you.

 You’ve rehearsed you pitch and know exactly what you want to say. You launch into your Demo. And, one by one, your audience starts to switch off. Their arms remain folded, the eyes begin to wander. They’re jumping on your words, checking their watches. One attendee appears to be sending a text, and another seems to be falling asleep at the back.  You’re losing them. You can feel it. And you’ve no idea why.

Do your demos differentiate? Prove value? Differentiate? Engage? Are they compelling and clear?

Our experienced consultants can observe one of your webinars. Live in action directly to us or anonymously (a bit like having a mystery shopper).

You will receive immediate, relevant feedback which can be analysed and acted upon to improve your demo skills and customer engagement.

“In a very competitive market the training programme course improved the performance of the Sales Team in enabling them to have a greater self-awareness of customers’ behaviour and key drivers, along with a demonstrable ability to show the business benefits that can be delivered with the adoption of our solutions.”
— Managing Director – Advanced Business Solutions
“Excellent and engaging. A real eye opener, even for the ‘long in the tooth’ pre-sales and sales team members”
— Adrian Watts, Manager, Agfa Healthcare
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