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Picture the scene: you’re standing in front of a roomful of people and all eyes are upon you.

 You’ve rehearsed you pitch and know exactly what you want to say. You launch into your Demo. And, one by one, your audience starts to switch off. Their arms remain folded, the eyes begin to wander. They’re jumping on your words, checking their watches. One attendee appears to be sending a text, and another seems to be falling asleep at the back.  You’re losing them. You can feel it. And you’ve no idea why.

Do your demos differentiate? Prove value? Differentiate? Engage? Are they compelling and clear?

Our experienced consultants can observe one of your webinars. Live in action directly to us or anonymously (a bit like having a mystery shopper).

You will receive immediate, relevant feedback which can be analysed and acted upon to improve your demo skills and customer engagement.